Guthrie, OK

July 11-12 2020

Logan County Fairgrounds

Guthrie, Oklahoma 73044

It has been over 3 years since the last show so area is ready for another show don’t delay renting tables should be a sellout

Tables are 6′ and are $40 each

6+ tables and they are $35 each

Click here for available table rent-Entry Room


Click here for available table rent-Main Room


  • General Admission is $10

  • Vets/LEO/Firefighters/OSA $9

  • Children under 12 free

  • If you Bring a gun to trade or sell you will get a $1 off general admission as well.

  • Only One Discount per person.


Dealer S/U Fri 2-7 & Sat 7-9


Show Hours 9-5 & Sun 9-4


  • NOTE: If you are NOT selling Guns/Knifes/Fishing gear/Old west or Survival gear or anything else that should be in a gun show, your items MUST be approved prior to making reservations I.E Scentsy or anything else related to this.

  • Our Gun Shows are just that GUN shows not craft shows, we pride ourselves in bringing true gun shows into towns and that is why we don’t let anything non-gun related into the show unless prior approval has been met.

  • We will allow a very small percentage of the gun show to have non-related items but once again they must be approved first  hope you understand why we do this.

  • Thank you Matthew & Pattie

Logan County Fairgrounds